Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Backpackers Dorset weekend

My first outing of 2013. I was keen to get out and finally get rid of the 'flu that had been plaguing me since just after Christmas. There were six of us by Friday evening on the site at Sixpenny Handley, south of Salisbury. The weather forecast wasn't that good. I took my tent, the Laser Competition, rather than a tarp, for that little extra bit of warmth. It rained over Friday night and Saturday morning was cold and wet. Starting with a short road walk, we went on to a track in Chase Wood and from there headed west over a golf course to Rushmore Park. It was wet and muddy in places but this was to be expected and the rain continued on and off. By Sandroyd School, we took a muddy track up Malacombe Bottom and then, after a while emerged on a lane leading to Higher Bridmore Farm. Passing this by, we shortly entered a track leading back into Chase Wood, eventually returning to our camp mid afternoon. A feature of much of the day was encounters with locals out shooting game. Eleven miles walked.

Sunday morning was cold but dry. Parking cars in the Martin Down Nature Reserve car park, we headed south east on one of the many tracks crossing the reserve. We went by the start of the Jubilee Trail at Bokerley Dyke, an 88 mile trail ending at Forde Abbey in Dorset - one to be done another time. Then up and into woodland at Blagdon Hill, there was an elevated walk with good views before descending on a muddy track into the village of Martin. The, leaving the village along a flodded lane, we entered the reserve again and returned to the car park, a distance of around five miles.

No photos as the camera batteries were flat.

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