Monday, 7 May 2012

Just about ready

Ready for the Challenge, that is. There's not very much strewn around the floor now. I've packed and unpacked the backpack a couple of times. For the first time ever, I've put my main food bag (with six days worth of food) in the bottom of the pack with the sleeping bag in an Exped bag (not a compression sack) on top of that. As my pack has no frame (a Golite Breeze), I've rolled up a short length of foam mat and a compressed three-quarter length Thermarest and placed these around the inside of the pack and then putting everything else in the middle. It all seems to work well.

The only thing I won't have with me is a gas cylinder as I'll be flying up. I'll pick one up in Glasgow.

Allowing for the gas, my pack weight, without food and water, is 6.5 kilos. With six days food, it will be 9.5 kilos. This will reduce by around half a kilo a day until I get to Blair Atholl which is this year's only resupply point. Then it will be back up to 10 kilos and then reducing again. My kit list is here.

It's all looking good. Can't wait.

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  1. All the best with the TGOC Geoff and safe crossing.