Sunday, 20 May 2012

Challenge Day 9 May 19

Today has been the day of Bert's blisters. They are a horrifying sight, although for the most part mercifully hidden by many Compeed blister patches. Although we haven't seen it (and have no wish to do so), he says that his left little toe has no skin left on it and is red raw. During the day, he took to wearing one of Frank's sandals on his left foot which helped a little and looked quite strange. His right foot has blisters as well but just feels numb. At the day's end, he has blisters on his heels as well. Not a happy bunny.

I only asked him how his blisters were!
That said, today has been easy. Leaving Blair Atholl, we went north on the lane towards Fenderbridge, coming to a good grassy path above the River Tilt which was followed for a mile or so.

On the other side of the valley, there was shooting going on, shown on the map as a rifle range. The steep sided hills on either side began to close in as we entered Glen Tilt, crossing to the other side of the river over the bridge just past Marble Lodge (presumably at some time past a hunting lodge but now an idyllic holiday let).

We followed a good vehicle track for several miles up Glen Tilt. Eventually, it veered off and our way became a narrow path up to the Falls of Tarf with its elegant black wrought iron bridge. It was constructed in memory of one David Bedford, who lost his life there. It being a place that so obviously needs a bridge, it seemed a shame that a life had to be lost before a bridge was built.

Going on from there, we followed an undulating path above the Allt Garbh Buidhe. Here the hills immediately either side opened out and we are camped in an idyllic spot at NN998823, east of Loch Tilt. All we can hear is a light breeze, the occasional cries of grouse and the sound of running water just a few yards away. Looking to both north and south, we can see snow capped tops.

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