Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Challenge Day 13 May 23

Another hot day was in store for us. Taking the road out of Tarfside, we called in to The Retreat for tea and toast (second breakfast). Crossing the bridge over the River North Esk at NO534783 (where we were joined by Vicki Allen), we followed the track alongside the south side of the river for about four miles, past the Rocks of Solitude (must look up how the name originated), looking down to see the water rushing through a rocky gorge. Then, continuing along the minor road at Dalbog, taking the field path on the bend in the road, which emerged at Lochside on the B966, from where it was but a short walk into Edzell.

A refreshing lager shandy was followed by lunch at the Tuck Inn café, easily identified by the mound of backpacks outside.

Then, after crossing the river bridge (accessed by a path to the side of the post office), instead of enduring the 5km straight road walk to the North Water Bridge camp site, we used a couple of back routes, first on the south side of the road, passing through Arnhall farm and then to the road and then, after maybe 2km on the road, taking the left turn by Capo wood and following the straight track to emerge back on the road just before the site. We passed by a very imposing turreted house called Inglismaldie on the left and a dovecote some distance away in an adjoining field.

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