Sunday, 22 April 2012

Glyme Valley Way

Having suffered a bout of 'flu and also a torn hamstring, I thought I could do with a good day's walk just to check that the legs and feet are up to the Challenge which is now less than three weeks away. A little rain was forecast for the afternoon but the sun was shining nicely when I set out at 7.45am. I got on to the Glyme Valley Way towards Woodstock.

I'd only ever done the route in the opposite direction and I actually went off in the wrong direction at Radford Bridge, realising then that I must have gone off route when I did the walk previously! The main reason appeared to be the lack of a bridleway sign indicating that I should go slightly to the right through a particular gate instead of going straight on up a sloping field. Anyway, I soon put myself right. It was all very pleasant and, in view of the recent rain, there was plenty of water for drinking from streams.

Kiddington Hall

Dovecote at Kiddington
I stopped for lunch by the River Glyme in Glympton. I had my first encounter of the year with some aggressive cows and calves. They were very determined to get me but, as luck would have it, I was able to climb over a fence and get to the gate at the other end of the field (a big field probably four hundred yards or so) by going through a paddock. This infuriated the cows - they knew I'd outwitted them. I know I won't always be as fortunate. Walking on to Wootton, I found that the pub, The Killingworth Castle, is closed until further notice. Shame. I walked on to Blenheim Park, joining the Oxfordshire Way/Wychwood Way to Stonesfield. Altogether, about fifteen miles and the leg was fine.


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