Sunday, 26 February 2012

New stove

The Wyre Forest weekend was the testing ground of two new pieces of kit. The first was what is known as a Penny Stove. This was made for me, out of a Heineken can, by my friend, Ian Fraser, who became our third team member on the TGO Challenge last year. At 16 grams it makes my usual Varga titanium stove at 28 grams seem heavy. It burns meths and was just as slow as the Varga in bringing water to the boil but it's fine as long as I'm in no hurry, which I wasn't this time. It's kept in place by three tent pegs which also serve as a pot stand. I like it.

See above for the second posting.


  1. Ok, the suspense is killing me. What’s the second piece of kit?

    1. Alan. I ran out of time last night!

  2. mmm... a very convenient stove you've got there,I've already thinking about all the delicious food it'll to use it,please find us on we want to learn more.