Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My sleep system

Following my last posting, "Anonymous" has asked what sleep system I use. Actually, it's basically the same all year round and I adjust what I wear inside the sleeping bag according to season and temperature. As a groundsheet, I generally use an opened out large polythene bag. This keeps dry whatever goes on top of it. I use a Therm-a-rest Ultralite 3/4 length which is maybe about ten years old. Attached to that with a Velcro strip is a short length of cell foam mat. This gives a certain amount of insulation from cold coming up from the ground. Last weekend, with the temperature dropping to minus 11 Celsius, it wasn't enough. My sleeping bag is a Mountain Equipment Xero 350 which, according to ME, is good to minus 5 Celsius. I'm very pleased with it. As the bag is down filled, I don't want it getting wet so I have an Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag. It's brilliant and stays 100% dry inside.

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