Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hammock camping

This is something I've never tried before but, having been given a DD Camping Hammock for Christmas, I'm keen to give it a try. I felt that a trial run was called for so this afternoon I took a walk to just outside town where I found a suitable place with some trees. The trees have to be between nine and eighteen feet apart but twelve is recommended. I found two that were just right and attached the hammock at each end as instructed. My first attempt sent my rear end straight to the ground as I clearly hadn't got the webbing tight enough. My second attempt was spot on.

It  held my weight quite nicely and was very comfortable. I could imagine spending a good night in it. It is in two layers. Here, I'm lying on both. However, along the length of one side is a zip to enable me to get in and then zip up. As long as I'm not unduly claustrophobic this will keep any midges at bay. As the material isn't waterproof, the idea is that I'll use the hammock in conjunction with my tarp. Here it is with the tarp set up over it, with the cords either end of the tarp attached to the trees above the hammock webbing.

One of the trees was at least six inches in diameter but the other was only about three inches. I found that when I got into the hammock the tarp slackened a bit, caused by my weight pulling the smaller tree inwards. It will be necessary to have both trees at least six inches thick.

This looks like an excellent piece of kit; not for every trip but probably for weekends where I expect there to be woodland to camp in. It weighs 650g and is carried in a stuffsack. I think I love it already.

I will generally need either a Thermarest or foam mat in the hammock underneath me for insulation in colder weather. All my gear will go on the ground underneath the hammock and tarp to keep dry. A likely modification I'll make is to insert small caribiners just inside of the ends of the tarp on each length of webbing to prevent wet being soaked up and making the hammock wet.


  1. Loving this experiment/exploration! Looks like you've got it sussed and look forward to more pics of it hanging in many a nice place.

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