Saturday, 21 May 2011

TGO Challenge - Day 8 Friday 20 May

It rained all night and as we were getting up it turned to sleet and snow for a while. However, it had stopped by the time we packed up and very soon the sun came out. There were stunning views of the snow-dusted hills.

We followed alongside and above the River Feshie until late morning when it turned south and we continued east. There was a difficult section where there had been a landslide and we had to negotiate some scree. Sean didn't like it one bit. The river crossings were fun. The best way across was to go as quickly as possible to avoid teetering on rocks mid stream.

The path was clear all the way although there were some boggy stretches.

We had planned to wild camp at White Bridge, 22km away but agreed before setting out to head for Mar Lodge, a further 8km, so here we are. It's very open and windy so not the best situation although very level. It shouldn't be more than 6km into Braemar in the morning.
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  1. Sleet... snow...?? The weather certainly is not the best possible!

    Thank you for these TGO posts, it is very interesting to follow your crossing!

  2. Really enjoying your posts. All sounds like good....if slightly!

    Best Wishes for the rest of the trip