Wednesday, 18 May 2011

TGO Challenge - Day 6 Wednesday 18 May

Yesterday evening by the river was quite calm but the rain and wind really got up in the early hours of this morning. So much so that, at 4.30am, I was out repitching the tarp into it's wild weather mode.

Today was easy walking. Just 20.5km and all road walking but enjoyable nonetheless. Our route all day followed the River Spey, sometimes close, sometimes not. There was barely any traffic. We stopped at Laggan Stores and then in for a lunchtime pint at the Monadhliath Hotel. All of our walking was in the Spey valley so we had really good views. We arrived around 4pm at the Invernahavon Caravan Club site so another chance of a hot shower. We haven't seen any other Challengers since this morning and there aren't any on the site so far. Maybe they're being more adventurous.
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