Sunday, 15 May 2011

TGO Challenge - Day 3 Sunday 15 May

We woke in the bothy to driving wind and rain. The first challenge of the day was to cross the River Kingie. It was perhaps 30 feet across. Ian went first. He's over six feet and the water came just above his knee level. Not wishing to get unduly wet, my trousers came off. There was a video camera running. They shouldn't allow this sort of thing on Youtube!

After that, it was a wet yomp up to meet a track which we followed for 3km to the forest of Glen Kingie. The path for the first 3km was wet underfoot in places and muddy but easy to follow. We then joined a better track east for 6.5km to a new bridge at GR129000, then taking an indistinct path NE back down towards the river - very wet underfoot and at first we thought it was going nowhere but after a few hundred yards a path appeared at the point where there were the remains of an old footbridge.

We emerged from woodland on to a wide area of marsh and bog with the River Garry beyond. The path here was non-existent but was on the map. We followed it for 3.5km to Garrygualach. It was all as wet as could be but the rain, which came and went, was light.

On then to Greenfield, consisting of about four houses. I'd intended that we'd camp here but there was nothing. About 2.5km further, in the forest, we (the three of us, as Ian is still with us) came across a wooden hut. Two other Challengers, Jane and Terry, were in occupation. We are camped behind. It's a bit rough but quite acceptable and very peaceful. I've been to a party at the hut! We were joined by Nicole (German but resident in Inverness). We feasted on olives and single malt.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your hike on your blog! I really eager to read more about your experiences on this years TGO!
    Have fun out there and enjoy your hike!