Sunday, 15 May 2011

TGO Challenge - Day 2 Saturday 14 May

It rained all through last night but my trusty tarp kept me well dry. It eased off sufficiently to strike camp comfortably and there was a good breeze to ensure that the tarp was packed dry.

Our route for the first 1km was a level walk always within sight of the Finiskaig River. It then climbed quite steeply. My Goretex socks keep me dry up to six inches above ankle level. A river crossing here prompted me to take them off and wear shoes barefoot. We then climbed more, eventually reaching Lochan a' Mhaim. Around here we met with Ian from Gayle in North Yorkshire and he stayed with us for the rest of the day.

The rain set in and remained with is for much of the day. Our route took us on a good track through the forest of Glen Desserarry down to Strathan.

In Glendessarry
From here, we took a path signposted Tomdoun, which was some way past our stop tonight. It was mainly a vehicle track but very indistinct at times and very wet underfoot all the way. The rain came and went as we climbed up the Dearg Allt. After about 4km, we eventually arrived at Kinbreack Bothy but to get to it involved another socks off river crossing. We are overnighting, with about six others, in the bothy. At last count, there were two tents outside but it is raining heavily now and shows little sign of stopping.
Ian on his way to Kinbreack Bothy

Kinbreack Bothy
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