Tuesday, 24 May 2011

TGO Challenge - Day 12 Tuesday 24 May

What a change in the weather from yesterday. We left the hostel under a blue sky and set off along the road, calling in at The Retreat (a folk museum, visitor centre and café) for tea (others had breakfast). I was interested in their free wifi but it didn't seem to work.

We continued along the road to cross the bridge over the River North Esk just before Fernybank and followed a clear track south of the river, past the beautifully named Rocks of Solitude. Ian and I had to wait here as Sean had disappeared into yet another wood with his trowel and seemed to be taking rather a long time about it. We speculated that, given his age, he might have nodded off with his trousers round his ankles, having forgotten why he was there. We were about to go to look for him when he appeared with a smile on his face.

We walked on to the village of Edzell and joined other Challengers at the excellent Tuck In café for lunch. Afterwards, we walked a few miles down the long straight road to the campsite at North Water Bridge. Not a drop of rain today. Last day tomorrow.
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