Tuesday, 24 May 2011

TGO Challenge - Day 11 Monday 23 May

It was raining when we woke and that was the theme for the day except it got much worse.

We made our way down to Spittal of Glenmuick and called in at the visitor centre for a drink at the machine there. We then battled our way through the wind and rain up beside the torrent of a burn (name unknown), aiming for the bothy at Shielin of Mark. It was so wet underfoot but we splashed our way up and across to the burn leading to the bothy where we had elevenses. The burn outside was more of a fast flowing torrent but it had to be crossed. It was tricky but only knee high. We were well on our way away from there when there was a shout from the other side. It was Mervyn, a fellow BPC member, so we went back to where we had crossed the torrent to make sure he got over safely.

We then floundered 1.5km through heather and bog and a couple of smaller burns over Muckle Cairn. There was then a steep descent to the track leading down to Stables of Lee but we first had to negotiate a fast flowing torrent across the track. This was above knee level so we got a production line going. Numerous photos were taken but there were no mishaps. All this time and for the rest of the day the hurricane wind rarely let up. At one point I found myself taking some steps but not actually moving. Many times we were completely blown off course. For once the forecasters got it right.

There was a long trek down to and alongside Loch Lee. We were glad to reach Tarfside where the lady volunteers at St. Drostan's Hostel did an amazing job of providing hot meals and drinks, despite there being a power cut! The rest of the day and evening were spent at the hostel. There are lots of Challengers here. Beds have been provided for the night, even floor space. An amazing time and quite memorable.
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  1. All bale the volunteers at St. Drunsten. The potatoes were great in 08 and I recall feeling a bacon buttie (my first) left me wanting more though I can't say why.

  2. It was a wild day and I was low in the valley hitting the roads in the end section of my route. Trees were blown down across roads I was walking on. Glad you are all ok. Have a great finish and time at the end.

  3. We got into the hostel about 7pm and what a relief! It was indeed a tad damp and rough and the Water of Mark and Water of Lee were thigh high when we crossed after lunch. Fun.