Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Backpackers Oxfordshire weekend

We spent Friday night at Manor Farm, Barford St. Michael. About twenty of us so a good turn out. Saturday saw about eight of us heading for Whichford, others taking different routes. It rained much of the day and it was so wet and muddy underfoot.

©Grant Currin

We didn't actually have to go through this water. It was deeper than it looked and was very soft underneath. We managed to make our way around the side of it. Went through Milcombe and Lower Tadmarton.  Stopped for a pint at the Chandlers Arms at Epwell - an excellent pub, especially as we escaped  a really heavy downpour while we were there.

This seemed the only way to get rid of all the mud

We then followed the Macmillan Way to Whichford. The Norman Knight there was good. The church clock rang out the time every quarter of an hour but it didn't seem to bother anyone.

Sunday's weather started well but it later came on to rain.

©Grant Currin

We were joined for the day by Sue, who wanted to find out what life with the Backpackers is all about. It was a baptism of fire as far as the weather was concerned. There seemed to be even more mud and rain than the day before. She wisely brought overtrousers and gaiters.

A lack of fear of horses and bravado helped her get through the ankle deep mud without mishap. Will she be back or have we put her off?

Our route took us through Hook Norton by the brewery, to Wigginton and on to South Newington for a pint at the Duck on the Pond and then back to Barford.