Monday, 8 November 2010

TGO Challenge

Last year I was a Challenge virgin. This year, having been selected again, I'm going with a Challenge virgin, Sean Putnam. I wonder if the guaranteed way to be selected each year is to include someone who's never done the Challenge before?

So much planning to do now. Last year I took my tarp and, the weather being extremely kind, it coped very well. However, having seen the photo of Martin Banfield's 2009 Challenge with full snow conditions I may opt for a tent although, having said that, I used my tarp all through last winter, snow and all.

A route must now be carefully planned and submitted to the Challenge vetters for approval and comment.  Planning is almost as much fun as doing. More postings to follow.


  1. ooh! Well done Geoff! Uncle Roger does like his regulars to bring in 'new blood'. Worked for me for quite a few years!

    So - How is the route coming along?

    As for tents - I suppose it depends on where you will be sticking your shelter up. But having said that, Colin Ibbotson has never had a problem with his rock solid tarp.

  2. Well done you as well getting on the list of the chosen few again. Route? What route? I'll have to get the maps out now. I see that you've been working out a route already. I haven't.

  3. I doubt with your experience Geoff the weather will cause you much concern in a tarp. Well done on getting on again and enjoy the planning,

  4. Well done you too. No doubt our paths will cross so look forward to seeing you again. Are you going solo?

  5. Solo Geoff. Have a few nights in the hills between supply points. Should be weather permitting a fine adventure.

  6. Well done Geoff. Applying together with a first timer worked for me as well. Now the challenge is to plan a route that's suitable for both of us!
    Have fun with the planning. My photo of the Nallo was taken quite high BTW, but there again I'm more than happy to sacrifice a few pounds (and £s!) in order to guarantee warmth and dryness.