Sunday, 28 November 2010


For some time now, I've been going through old issues of Trail and TGO with a view to scanning pages I want to keep and throwing the rest out as they take up much needed space. Using a flatbed scanner for lots of pages is quite time consuming so the project was put to one side. Maybe I've come to this late, but I've "discovered" a much quicker way and that's to photograph magazine pages and then save them as jpegs into a directory for sorting at a later date. I've also started photographing other documents, letters received, etc. and then throwing the originals away. This method of "scanning" is fine where a true scanned image isn't essential or desirable and it's so much quicker. Here's an example.


  1. Hi Litehiker,

    I never thought of scanning magazine aticles before, such a good but simple idea and as you say it saves a lot of room. Already had a play but the proof will be when I print something of my scanned articles and whether the article will be useable.
    Anyway thanks for keeping your blog going through the winter months.

  2. Who needs a fax these days!
    This has been my preferred way for some time, sending copies of documents or correspondence as a pdf, saved from the jpeg and attached to an email.

    It makes cataloging and filing correspondence very easy.

  3. I've done it the real 'lite' way and have a 2-year digital subscription of the TGOmag.