Saturday, 25 September 2010

Backpackers Dorset weekend

We are camped for two nights on the same site - what they term a "static" weekend - at a village called Sixpenny Handley. It's a very nice spacious site with good facilities and a restaurant with bar and a very good local beer.

We've walked eleven miles today. Plenty of wildlife. This morning, we were crossing a field, heading for a wood and no fewer than twelve fallow deer burst out of the wood not far from where we were. This afternoon, I was the only one to see a magnificent red deer stag, antlers and all, only about fifty yards away. He stayed no more than a couple of seconds. No chance to photograph him.

Quite a lot of our walking was in woodland which suits me very well. In one place there was a party shooting partridges. We were offered some but they wouldn't have been dressed and my skills don't extend that far.
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