Sunday, 9 May 2010

TGO Challenge final details

OK, final preparations made and decisions taken. I'll be wearing boots (Alt-Berg Fremington), not trail shoes. Having tried out my three backpacks fully loaded, I'll be taking a Golite Breeze (weight when empty 13 ounces) - despite it having no hipbelt, when loaded, it's more comfortable than the Kimmlite Mountain Mover and the Osprey Ariel. I don't really find hipbelts comfortable. They tend to rub raw my bony hips. It's capacity is 50 litres (with a further 20 litres in an extension collar at the top, but this shouldn't be used for heavy stuff). In fact, I shouldn't need to use the extension collar. The complete pack weight will be 17lbs, with food and water in addition. I'm also taking a bumbag for camera, snacks, etc.

The Anquet map sheets are printed out, the route and intended camping spots marked on them. They'll be carried in an Ortlieb map case. Why is it that the Ortlieb isn't wide enough (by about 3/4 inch) to take the A4 size map sheets? I've had to cut a strip off each sheet.


  1. Because they want you to buy the A4 document case?
    I've used one of these for years, folded up and put in a pocket.