Friday, 21 May 2010

TGO Challenge Day 8 Friday 21 May - Faindouran Bothy to bothy above Braemar NJ180980

Walking 9.15-5.30
Miles walked today - 11
Total miles walked - 112

Because of the necessary extra day's walking (see yesterday's posting), I'm not sure of the miles remaining.

We had lovely weather to pack away in and start today's walking. It was easy, just following an unmade track generally alongside and above the River Avon. After six miles, we reached Linn of Avon, a point where the river comes down a rocky incline and is then channelled through a small gorge. The colour of the water here was beautiful [photos to follow].

A right turn here brought us into Glen Builg, with Builg Burn alongside. After lunch, the heavens opened and this formed the pattern for the rest of the day. We had to wade the burn (maybe twenty feet and up to nine inches deep) and then Bill, our navigator at that point, took us back across it two hundred yards down before realising we shouldn't have done it so we had to go back! The others changed into sandals for this. I only had boots, but with my new ankle gaiters (thank you, Sue) and overtrousers, I managed to keep dry feet. It was on the fourth burn crossing, where the water was a little deeper that water came in but it could have been worse.

A little further on, we parted company with Bill (again).

We are overnighting in a bothy and tomorrow we have about five or six miles to reach the fleshpots of Braemar. The place will be teeming with Challengers.
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