Wednesday, 19 May 2010

TGO Challenge Day 4 - Monday 17 May Drumnadrochit to wild camp near River Findhorn NH674170

Walking 7.00-8.00 & 8.50-6.00
Miles walked today - 15
Total miles walked - 63
Distance left - 112

An early start at seven was necessary to walk for an hour to catch the ferry for the forty minute trip across Loch Ness to Inverfarigaig. The jetty there was little more than a rocky outcrop so we had to scramble up on to it. A bit precarious!

We breakfasted at a picnic area not far from the jetty. A road walk of about two miles then brought us to Errogie and then around the northern end of Loch Mhor to Farraline. The wife of a Challenger couple who had been on the ferry turned back around this time, suffering from bad blisters. I've got blisters on both heels but am dealing with them.

We also met Bill, who was also on the ferry. He's the treasurer of the Munro Society, membership being open to those who have climbed all of Scotland's Munros.

It was a long ascent out of Farraline, much of it over pathless heather, very uneven and often difficult to walk on with unexpected holes and bog to stumble into. We went through the grounds of Dunmaglass Lodge, a lovely, large Victorian house.

After this, there was a seemingly endless uphill grind of four miles or so l some on tracks, some across more heather and bog. We came across patches of drifted snow.

We were glad to finish and we have a good pitch next to a burn. Bill is camping with us tonight. He's good company.

Apart from a few passing showers, today's weather has been dry and sunny.
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