Sunday, 16 May 2010

TGO Challenge - Day 3 Sunday 16 May - Cannich to Drumnadrochit

Walking 11.00-7.00
Miles walked today - 14
Total miles walked - 48
Distance left - 127

I wasn't alone in my sleeping bag last night. When I got into it, something stung or nipped my foot. I kicked around a bit and scratched. Things seemed then to settle down. This morning I aired the bag and found an ant, still very much alive.

Got off to a late start as the village shop didn't open till 10am. A lovely sunny day. We started with a climb up east of Cannich above Kerrow Wood and emerged near to Loch Riabhachain. There then followed a cross country bash for nearly a mile to meet a track entering woodland, at the end of which, was the hamlet of Corrimony. At a chambered cairn there we met some other Challengers, having a siesta.

We then had a long forest walk via Shenval, following mainly wide forest roads all the way to Drumnadrochit, where we are camped at Borlum Farm.

Apart from a little light rain this afternoon, it was a warm, sunny day. We picked up our resupply parcels at the Cannich site so our packs have been heavy with nearly a week's worth of food. Still, they should get a bit lighter each day.
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