Sunday, 16 May 2010

TGO Challenge - Day 2 Saturday 15 May

Walking 8.15-6.15
Miles walked today - 18
Total miles walked - 32
Distance left - 141

Quite a lot of rain in the night. A very good and long night's sleep.

First night's camp

After a mile, we joined the northern side of Loch Mullardoch and followed this for nine miles. We had been led to believe this would be very hard work and the path often non-existent. So much so that our original plan to do the nineteen miles to Cannich was split in two to satisfy our route vetters. In the event, it wasn't too difficult and we were able to cut a mile off as a torrent of water crossing proved to be possible (photo to follow) and we reckoned that, with a bit of effort, we could get to Cannich. Frank only slipped over three times and Gill only filled her boots with water once.

The weather today was mixed - some showers but lots of sunshine. The last nine miles into Cannich was along a very quiet minor road and, for road walking, as good as it gets. Much of it (from Liatrie Bridge to Cannich) was a stretch of my LEJOG last year and so was familiar, even down to the herd of deer at Liatrie Bridge.
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