Tuesday, 25 May 2010

TGO Challenge Day 12 Tuesday 25 May - Tarfside to Brechin

Walking 8.10-6.00
Miles walked today - 20
Total miles walked - 167
Distance left - 8

Another lovely morning. I'm told Challenge weather isn't always like this!

We started with a delightful road walk, missed the turn off for a bridge across the River North Esk so carried on along the road to just before Millden Lodge where a narrow lane took us to another bridge. We walked roughly parallel to the river for five miles, really nice, easy walking. The new shoes, the weather, etc. really put a spring in my step. The end of our crossing is beginning to be in sight.

Our next path was through woodland high above the Esk for a couple of miles into Edzell where we found a café with a heap of backpacks outside. A bacon and egg roll later, we steamed through the final eight miles into Brechin. It was easy. We are now well out of the hills. The countryside is not at all unlike England, even down to the fields of oil seed rape.
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