Sunday, 17 January 2010


A quite windy night and a chill wind this morning made it seem quite raw. We walked back to Wetton via Warslow and the Manifold Way, calling in at the tearoom at Wettonmill. There was a lot of snow in the higher areas we walked through and plenty of ice, making the walking quite treacherous.

My Tyvek groundsheet performed well, basically doing its intended job of keeping me apart from the wet ground. The advantages it has over my usual space blanket or polycryo sheet are that it is much more robust and folds up easily after use; also, I don't snag my boots on it causing it to tear. The drawbacks are weight (when totally dry, it weighs eight ounces) and it takes up more space in my pack. I'll get some more polycryo for ultra-lightweight trips. It only weighs about one ounce.

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  1. ooh! That's Hard!

    All that snow and stuff....