Friday, 5 June 2009

Day 61 Thursday - Loch Monar to Loch Cul

Walking 7.45am to 4.30pm
Distance walked today 14 miles
Total distance walked 913 miles
Distance left 139 miles

I camped last night just below the path I took this morning along Allt a` Choire Dhomhain.

Looking back towards Loch Monar

The path was reasonably well defined most of its length but where it ascended away from the burn at NH209449 it disappeared but this wasn't too serious as I knew I had to go over the saddle and then drop down to the River Orrin. There was no defined path down but I could see the river (such as it was) way below and made my way down to it.

River Orrin

I followed the course of the river for about a mile, the path then continuing by the north side of Loch na Caoidhe for half a mile.

At this point, a path ascended north east to Torran Ceann Liath and then dropped gradually to continue in the valley bottom of Gleann Chorainn for three miles to Inverchoran, a small cluster of cottages. Past these was a bridge over the River Meig and the narrow road for four miles down to the village of Milton. I received a reminder of the real world here, seeing the village hall open as a polling station - 4 June - local and MEP elections.

From Milton, I took the path up through Strathconon Woods on to moorland, taking a right fork from the main track passing to the east of Carn Airigh Charn. I'm camped beside Loch Cul, a bit tussocky but not bad. I got my water for the night from a burn in Strathconon Woods, but there are a couple of burns across the moor.

Loch Cul
I've met no-one today. A brief shower of rain but, otherwise, the weather's been good, but cooler.

I've measured out the remaining miles to John o'Groats. Instead of the 139 indicated above, there seem to be 145, so I'll use this figure from tomorrow.

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