Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Day 59 Tuesday - Fort Augustus to Cannich

Walking 6.00am to 4.30pm
Distance walked today 22 miles
Total distance walked 883 miles
Distance left 169 miles

With a long day ahead, I put away a very hearty breakfast. Studying the planned route over breakfast, I was able to identify a couple of changes which would reduce the distance by two miles. I'd missed these in the original planning.

It was a really pleasant ascent through woodland above Fort Augustus and very clear on the ground.

Decision time came at NH324111. It hadn't been altogether clear (to me at any rate) that there was a track going north but there it was, going down following more or less the same course as the pylons into Glen Moriston although, part way down, the track went west for nearly a mile before going down to meet the A887.

Descent to Glen Moriston

There was then a bit of road walking and then at NH313138 there was a path signposted Tomich which was perfect. It entered some delightful woodland, climbing up to a clear track which then ascended about a mile, the views opening up all around. Over to the west in the distance were mountains still with patches of snow. It was slightly hazy but was set to be another very warm day. I've really been very fortunate with the weather.

North of Glen Moriston

The path continued for some six miles or so and then, just before Guisachan Forest, it took a right fork, skirting north east to enter the forest at NH298238. A forest road then went north for a way and then zigzagged down to a minor road leading into Tomich.

The Tomich Hotel beckoned me in for a pot of tea. Thus refreshed, I had then a pleasant road walk for three miles into Cannich.

Bridge near Tomich NT320293

The larger than usual breakfast, the early start and the route modifications made what was promising to be a somewhat daunting day, in fact, quite managable. The weather helped as well.

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