Saturday, 30 May 2009

Day 56 Saturday - Kings House Hotel to Glen Nevis

Walking 8.30am to 8.00pm
Distance walked today 20 miles
Total distance walked 831 miles
Distance left 221 miles

Once again today, there was really only one way to go. The day was going to be on the hot side.

The Way followed the Old Military Road for about three miles, parallel to the A82 and then, at a layby, there was a long, winding climb north and then a very long and gradual descent to Kinlochleven. It was here that I discovered that I was carrying unwelcome passengers, namely two ticks, my first ever. Fortunately, I had with me the wherewithal to deal with them. They are not nice.

Looking back to Kings House

The road just north of Kings House

Old Military Road north of Devil's Staircase

The long descent into Kinlochleven

I spent a while in Kinlochleven. It reminded me a little of a continental ski resort. I downed a cold pint of milk before moving on. The sun was beating down as I ascended through the woods up to the Old Military Road, also called the Lairigmor. It followed a winding stony path along the northern side of a wide valley.

Looking back at Kinlochleven

Old Military Road north of Kinlochleven

In the heat and difficult underfoot, I found it really hard going. At about four o'clock, I'd had enough. I flopped down by the trailside and slept for maybe twenty minutes. I then had a second lunch.

Suitably powered, I made better progress, still with seven miles to get to the campsite. The first two forests on the map had been felled. The third had not and made perfect evening walking, it having cooled a little. There was then a long descent down a forest road into Glen Nevis with clear views of Ben Nevis. A very tough day.

Heading towards Ben Nevis

Fort William in the distance

Carn Dearg

Ben Nevis

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