Thursday, 28 May 2009

Day 54 Thursday - Rowardennan to Tyndrum

Walking 5.15am to 7.40pm
Distance walked today 22 miles
Total distance walked 793 miles
Distance left 259 miles

The bug nest certainly was effective last night; I slept peacefully but there were hordes of the little critters outside this morning, furious that they couldn't get at their meal, i.e. me.

The first ten miles were alongside Loch Lomond, very easy and on a stony tree- lined track with a steep slope down to the loch on the left and a steep wooded slope up on the right.

Loch Lomond in the early morning mist

Waterfall behind Rowardennan Hotel

However, after three miles it narrowed to a single file path cut into the hillside and was very rocky. I picked my way through but it really became tedious. The views of the loch were good at times but the cloud didn't lift and it came on to rain. Light rain and drizzle continued for much of the day.

Reg and Geert caught up with me at Inverarnan while I was enjoying a pot of tea in the bar. Although only two o'clock, they'd finished for the day.

Reg and Geert

I had a further ten miles to do as I wanted to get to Tyndrum. I set off at 2.45. It was head down all the way. My longest day yet by a mile.

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