Thursday, 7 May 2009

Day 32 Wednesday - North Lees, nr. Bamford to Langsett

Walking 8.10am to 5.50pm
Distance walked today 18 miles
Total distance walked 460
Distance left 592

It rained all night and continued as I packed up. It was also quite misty and as my plan had been to climb up to Stanage Edge and Derwent Edge before dropping down to Ladybower Reservoir, I thought maybe a lower level route might be better.

Bridge at North Lees NT
Therefore, I took field paths and a lane (most unsuitable for motor vehicles) down to Bamford Station and followed the Derwent Valley Heritage Way through Thornhill, going over the dam at the southern end of the reservoir. Following the road round to Ashopton, I took the trail alongside the reservoir, continuing beside the Derwent and then the Howden reservoirs.

I thought then to save half a mile or so and took the path up to Howden Clough as this joined the bridleway I wanted near the trig point at Margery Hill. Things didn't go altogether to plan as, after a mile or so the path just disappeared. This was real Dark Peak open moorland. Devoid of people and quite bleak. I wasn't too concerned as the route of the path ran parallel to a track on the ridge just to the east going in he same direction. After a bit of floundering about, however, I located the path and got up to the ridge path. Following this for a while, I found the trig point and was then able to go on and get on to the bridleway which, after three miles, led down to Langsett Reservoir and a very pleasant high level walk through woodland along part of the Barnsley Boundary Walk - I think I must be in Yorkshire.

From here, I made my way for a mile in the direction of Thurlstone to a campsite at Paw Hill Farm. It's very basic, just a cold tap and a loo. The site is extremely exposed and the tarp is being buffeted about and is very noisy because of it - I hope it's still over me in the morning. I shall use earplugs tonight.

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