Thursday, 9 April 2009

Day 4 Wednesday - Point to Killaworgey

Walking 8.55am to 6.30pm
Distance walked 19 miles
Distance left 1014 miles

I was fed really well by Stella yesterday evening and I headed off to bed early. I find that I need eight to nine hours sleep after walking day after day, instead of the usual six.

The weather was perfect after overnight rain and stayed good all day. I took the lane around the creek on the way to Truro, bought a pastie (from the same shop that yesterday's came from) and made my way via lanes and a disused railway route into the city. Truro is, I think, our second smallest city after St. Davids and I'm very fond of it, knowing it quite well.

Heading north, my way took me under the viaduct and up towards Idless and then through St. Clement's Wood. It was impossible to go wrong here as there was a wide track north through the wood, owned by the Forestry Commission.

Crossing the A39, I passed through St. Erme and then followed narrow lanes up to Mitchell, there crossing over the A30 by a bridge, very busy as usual. It was then minor roads to White Cross. In three hours of walking along those lanes I was passed by only two cars (but barked at by several dogs). I expected to camp at one of the two sites shown on the map at White Cross. The first was a holiday park, with bar, shop and more. The bar staff referred me on to the other site. I went there and found that one even more holiday park-like. The duty manager was called. He said that they no longer catered for campers. In a way I was quite relieved. He was happy to fill my water bottle (it holds two litres) and I walked on for a mile or so, thinking that something would turn up (it always does). I came across what seemed to be a building site, in fact, a large timber house in course of construction. A man came out into the lane and I asked about camping. He said I could camp there and it would soon be quiet once the JCB had finished working.

Tim showed me to a perfect pitch behind the excavations. I have the use of a loo in a barn near the mobile home where he and his wife are living while the house is being built. His brother lives about four miles from me back home - what a small world. Thank you Tim for your friendly welcome.

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