Sunday, 19 April 2009

Day 15 Sunday - Rodney Stoke to Butcombe

Walking 7.40am to 1.15pm
Distance walked 10 miles
Distance left 847 miles

The night went from being calm to quite windy so had to go out to re-peg it down to the ground all round - the sides had been off the ground to give more space and airiness but this setup doesn't suit windiness.

I got off to an early start. The morning was quite chilly and breezy but with the promise of later sunshine. I followed the main A371 through Draycott andten took a minor road to Bradley Cross and then footpaths steadily climbing through woodland and then pasture over Cheddar Cliffs to Black Rock. Crossing the road at the head of Cheddar Gorge I entered into the woodland on the other side. I met there a backpacker. He was doing a week of the Southern Coast to Coast, Weston-Super-Mare to Dover. He'd done LEJOG in 1995.

Beyond was what could pass for a typical Derbyshire Dale. This then led to open pasture with the regular reports of a clay pigeon shoot.

I passed just to the east of Beacon Batch where I encountered some unexpected bogginess. I stopped to pass the time of day with some mountain bikers who are planning a trip cycling north to south in Ireland.

I then descended into Blagdon. The views over Blagdon Lake and beyond were stunning, it now being a hot summer's day.

Views of Blagdon Lake

I followed the lakeside path on the northern shore and made my way up to Butcombe along field paths to spend the day with wife, Amanda, sister Margaret and brother-in-law, Dick. Lunch and cold beers on the terrace and a full-scale roast this evening. I shall need a walk tomorrow to shed the weight gained! I suggested sleeping under the tarp tonight but have been persuaded to sleep in a bed.

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