Friday, 17 April 2009

Day 12 Thursday - Bradfield to Taunton

Walking 7.00am to 5.15pm
Distance walked 17 miles
Distance left 888 miles (see below)

My earliest start yet as I was aiming to do 19 miles to the site near the farm named Wiltown on the map. It was a pleasant four miles or so to Culmstock, by road and across meadows following the course of the winding River Culm. At Culmstock, I discovered an excellent deli/cafe (only been open ten weeks) and called in for a bacon buttie (with proper bacon) and a pot of tea. Whilst there, I checked my route and realised that I'd made a miscalculation and would be at the Wiltown site by around midday. I was about ten miles out! Still, better than finding that I have ten extra miles to do.

From Culmstock, the route was through Dalwood Farm and over Black Down Common. This has many wild camping possibilities (probably illegal) but water would have to be obtained in advance. From here are great views over the M5 towards Wellington and beyond.

I like taking photos of derelict vehicles which are becoming part of their surroundings. This appears to be part of the roof of an old Ford Popular - early fifties probably.

I then followed the road across the ridge of the Blackdown Hills, this forming the border between Devon and Somerset.

At Forches Corner, by the Merry Harriers pub, I turned left and started a long and gradual descent towards Taunton, passing through Lowton and Staplehay and then fields and through a golf course into Taunton. I made my way through the town to find the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal, following this for a mile or so before going over a swing bridge up the lane to Tanpits Cider Farm site where I am now. The site is noisy with traffic and peacocks but is otherwise quite acceptable.

Today has been sunny and quite hot at times.

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  1. Hi Geoff, glad to see that you're still trekking along nicely.

    I remember the Tan Pits Cider Farm very well. It was exceedingly cheap to stay there (£4 for the two of us if I recollect correctly) but the showers were extra and by token. We didn't use the showers as they weren't in the best state of cleanliness to say the least - we left the tokens behind for someone else to use - were they still there, I wonder?

    The peacocks and cockerels were plentiful and very noisy, as you say.

    Best wishes