Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Day 10 Tuesday - Whiddon Down to Shobrooke

Walking 9.15am to 4.00pm
Distance walked 13 miles
Distance left 932 miles

A different pack today and also one loaded with six days of food but it didn't feel too bad. With comfier boots, I was charging along.

The weather has been cooler today but only a few drops of rain.

I went through Hittisleigh (where I tried unsuccessfully to post to this blog); I had to fight through cobwebs and dead spiders in the phone box and there was some fault with the phone. I eventually got a dialling tone but gave up with the posting.

A mile or so further along the road, I met Reg from West Yorkshire, my first fellow LEJOGer. He started within an hour or so of me on 5 April but followed the coast path up to Hayle before heading inland. As he's using only a road map, he's sticking to roads. Also, he's using B&Bs.

We walked together for the rest of the day. He had a B&B booked in Crediton but this fell through; his family had booked it but possibly for the wrong date. He walked with me beyond Crediton to see what would turn up.

At the Red Lion in Shobrooke, he was able to get a room and I'm camped in the pub garden, so I'm guaranteed a beer tonight! I'm a mile or so short of my schedule but that's easily made up tomorrow. I've had a couple of pints in the bar this evening and there've been no other customers. OK, it's a Tuesday after a holiday Monday but it's not good. It's a friendly village pub but with nothing to attract people from outside. The village has a population of about 300 and many of them are elderly and don't use the pub.

Red Lion at Shobrooke

Reg has a B&B booked in Tiverton tomorrow night so we shall probably walk together for only part of the day as Tiverton is further north than my route. Our paths may well cross again soon. Reg says there is a Dutchman a day or so behind us so that's maybe someone else to meet along the way.

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  1. All these pubs Geoff - you are falling into bad ways Sir! So, it's Doom Bar?