Thursday, 19 February 2009

LEJOG kit list

Well, that's the kit list just about sorted - the link to it is under the route map. I think 9,035 grams isn't too bad although I'll try to shave it down.

Do I take an umbrella? This can be useful when it's raining but it's too warm to wear a waterproof and when it's the right type of rain, i.e. not windy and the rain coming straight down, especially when going up hills.

The battery shaver is a luxury but it may get left behind. It's very small but it still adds to the weight. I like to think that if I turn up at the occasional B&B I won't look like a tramp (apologies to those readers who generally sport a beard)!

I may take at least one walking pole. I don't normally use them whilst walking so one would be useful if there are any streams to cross or rabid dogs to fend off.


  1. I found an umbrella really useful, particularly on rest days, when it's nice to give the (by then) smelly waterproofs an airing. You can get some really light ones these days.

    I also swear by walking poles. I'd never used them until my LEJOG, but they made such a difference that I use two of them all the time now. My knees are a bit pathetic, so I'm bang in the target market, but I also got into the rhythm of plonking them down, right then left - quite hypnotic, really. I found two sticks better than one as they're more balanced, but then I did get a bit tired of the skiing jokes... :-)

  2. Geoff

    I could bore you for hours with my personal preferences on kit - but that is what it should be - a personal preference - If it works for you and you are happy carrying it, then it will be fine.

    Concentrate on the people you meet on the walk, the beers you discover and the beautiful British countryside. Your kit will just become background as the vibrancy of your walk develops.

    Good luck with it Geoff
    All the best

  3. Good luck with the LeJoG, I'll follow your progress with interest.