Thursday, 19 February 2009

LEJOG kit list

Well, that's the kit list just about sorted - the link to it is under the route map. I think 9,035 grams isn't too bad although I'll try to shave it down.

Do I take an umbrella? This can be useful when it's raining but it's too warm to wear a waterproof and when it's the right type of rain, i.e. not windy and the rain coming straight down, especially when going up hills.

The battery shaver is a luxury but it may get left behind. It's very small but it still adds to the weight. I like to think that if I turn up at the occasional B&B I won't look like a tramp (apologies to those readers who generally sport a beard)!

I may take at least one walking pole. I don't normally use them whilst walking so one would be useful if there are any streams to cross or rabid dogs to fend off.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Backpackers Northants weekend

The snow was bad here at home so I didn't get away on Friday evening. However, Saturday morning wasn't too bad. Hit a patch of black ice in Banbury but survived. Arrived at the rendezvous at Grendon bang on time. There were about nine of us although a few others joined up at various times. Plenty of snow around and the walk took us through virgin snow territory. It was a lovely day, really cold but a clear blue sky and the sun shone most of the day, making it seem a little warmer than it was.

We must have walked about fifteen miles. The snow made it quite hard work but it was a good day. We arrived at our destination, Yelden, about 4 o'clock. Our pitch was behind the pub in the village. We cleared patches of snow away to get the tents up - a new experience for me but essentially not much different to camping without snow.

A quick meal cooked on the stove and then into the pub for a while, followed by an early night.
Next morning we ascertained that the temperature overnight was minus 9.3°C which is pretty cold!
The walk back to Grendon followed some of yesterday's route but with a detour to Podington where the garden centre cafe supplied a bacon baguette and coffee.
I really liked the sight of this belt of birch trees.
And then this lady sitting on a bench. She probably won't be there long.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I've set up a page and have just sent out a large number of emails. My chosen charity is MS Research and Relief Fund. The link for those who wish to donate is at the top of this blog or here. It would be nice to see the donations go up. A bit of encouragement (for me) wouldn't go amiss.