Tuesday, 28 October 2008


A quite momentous decision has been made and acted on. I've been faffing around for ages being unable to decide whether to buy the paper Landranger maps for the route I want to do or go down the digital route. I've already got quite a few of the maps for the southern half of England and Memory Map National Parks edition. On the advice of others, I've gone for the digital option and, on price, have ordered the Anquet DVD for the whole of Great Britain. This was with a hefty 29% discount through the Backpackers Club. It should arrive in the next few days and then I can really start plotting my route. There are pros and cons of the two options of paper and digital but I think I've made the right decision. Once my route is complete I'll post it on line.


  1. You will never regret your decision but I think that you will find that paper maps still have a part to play.

  2. There may be some advantages to paper maps, but the digital mapping option (printing double sided on A4) has to be the lighter weight option! Moreso if you can bring yourself to throw the used maps away at the end of each day (which I couldn't).

  3. That's interesting Gayle: I have just been having a clear up of my office (there has been a marathon clear-up in this house over the last week or so!)and found all but one of my LEJOG paper maps, as I posted them home after finishing with them.

    I just COULDN'T throw them away!