Thursday, 2 October 2008

Dr Bronner

I've noticed that US ultralightweight hikers include Dr Bronner's soap on their kit lists. e.g. and I also saw mention of it on Chris Cowell's blog at I investigated it on the internet and, as always, there was a high-ish carriage charge. A bit of lateral thinking sent me hotfoot to my local health store and, lo and behold, they stock it in various "flavours". As most hikers probably do, I bought the peppermint. At £4.95 for a 213ml bottle, it's good value, I think, as it's very concentrated and the label makes fascinating reading - lots of snippets in very small print. The soap can be used for endless things - washing self, clothes, fruit/veg; it is also effective in place of shaving gel or oil (I've even tried a wet shave with cold water and it's great) and can also be used as a toothpaste and deodorant! All in all, it's cut my pack weight by up to ten ounces for, say a trip of a week or two. Brilliant!
Update: My health food store tells me they can supply a one litre bottle for £11.99 which seems remarkably good value and is something I shall get in readiness for my LEJOG next year. It will be decanted into tiny bottles and included in resupply parcles.


  1. I have used peppermint as a toothpaste - very interesting. It is also quite invigorating in the shower!

  2. Agreed, i've done the same! It is also good for washing clothes on an extended trip.