Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Tuesday 2nd September- North east of Troutbeck to Bampton Grange

We had some torrential rain and gusting wind during last evening and much rain in the night. My tarp, a Golite Cave, stood up to it extremely well and I stayed drizabone.

My Thermarest deflated in the night. My mind raced to contacting home to order one to be sent on ahead for collection until I realised that the valve had come undone. Sorted. In fact, I have some adhesive with me that would repair a pinhole. The trouble can be finding the hole. When I've had one before, I immersed the Thermarest in the bath at home. Here, I think that there would be no shortage of puddles this morning to do the job.

Today was a "changeable" day weatherwise. Lots of rain and, over High Raise, we were hit by a hailstorm. In fact, on the weather forecast this morning, it was said that we'd had the wettest August since 1942 - I can well believe it.

So, mainly wet but not too much ascent. Now and again, when the cloud cleared we had some far reaching views but they tended not to last long.

We've ended the day at Bampton Grange. Having located nowhere to camp, we headed straight to the pub, the Crown and Mitre. having ordered a drink and made enquiries of the landlord, he made a couple of 'phone calls and we are now camped in the back garden of the cottage next to the pub. Not too far to stagger home tonight!

Howard has done all the route planning. I don't think that it follows exactly the Lakeland to Lindisfarne route according to the book but he seems to have done an excellent job so far.

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