Thursday, 4 September 2008

Thursday 4th September - Low Moor Caravan Park to Garrigill

Our meal out yesterday evening with Michael and Caroline was a treat. It was good to catch up with old friends. We could hear the rain hammering down outside but when we were returned at about 11 o'clock it had stopped and, as far as I know, it didn't rain during the night. The forecast today is supposed to be better but there's a red sky which doesn't bode well. So far (it's 6.30am) it's a calm day.

Later ... within an hour of setting off the rain had begun. Not too hard but enough to need waterproofs. We reached a stream/river at the far side of a waterlogged and pathless field. The bridge, if there had ever been one, had disappeared. We hunted up and down for a crossing point. It seems Howard got across but I didn't see it. Frank got across (just). I happened to have sandals so put them on, strung my boots around my neck and, with the aid of a walking pole, got across without mishap. We then mislaid Howard and didn't see him again until the evening.

Frank and I stopped for lunch in the rain and then girded our loins for the approach to Cross Fell. It was a long and laborious wet hike up although the views across the Eden Valley towards the Lake District were superb. Mist came down as we approached the top but then miraculously cleared and from there to Garrigill we had the most amazing wide ranging views all around. I had thought that Cross Fell was always wet and misted over but I was proved wrong today.

Down from the top we passed the junction with the Pennine Way and then followed the Way past Greg's Hut down to Garrigill but it was a long, seemingly never-ending slog - around 12km.

We're pitched behind the village hall next to a river and the midges are out in force and very hungry.

Allow us to help those in need, sell back your spare PocketMail and make some extra pocket money.

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  1. What? There really is a top to Cross Fell? Not sure that I believe that. You'll be telling me that there really is a 'golf ball' on Great Dun Fell next...

    Due to a prior lack of attention on my part, I only just found the new blog. Always good to have some 'real time' blogging to enjoy.