Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Various ramblings from home

I'll be using the tarp again next weekend in the Peak District and will hope for some reasonable weather. I've beefed up the four corner pegs to make sure it stays put and have replaced the two end guys with reflective ones (courtesy of ) Such nice people to deal with. I also ordered a head mozzie net and they threw in a tiny bottle opener and Outdoors Station mp3 CD. I also got a Gossamer Gear Polycryo groundsheet from winwood-outdoor to replace my usual space blankets. It should be more durable. I also want to get a bivy bag from Alpkit but unfortunately they're out of stock.

For winter use, I'm thinking of a tent, not necessarily ultra-lightweight, but still light. Contenders are an Akto and various others but also the Warmlite which a couple of fellow-bloggers have. My main question which hasn't been answered yet is whether I can cook inside it with my Trangia. If not, how do Warmlite owners manage to cook? Even with, say, gas-fuelled stoves, what happens if it gets knocked over inside? Cooking outside when it's pouring down is not on.

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