Saturday, 2 June 2007

Ordnance Survey maps

Have taken delivery this week of OL7 The English Lakes South-eastern area in readiness for a long weekend next weekend backpacking and wildcamping with a few others (they know who they are). OS maps are just superb; you know you can trust your life to them and it's usually one's own navigation skills that let the side down. The map came from the Backpackers Club, a great advantage of membership being maps and books at reduced prices and a by return service.
It brought to mind problems when walking abroad. I was thinking of Germany and Italy in particular when, armed with local maps, on each occasion I was following a route which I knew to be right when I came across a house built where the path should be and no sign of a path or a diversion of one which meant retracing steps. This just wouldn't happen over here. I think the Ordnance Survey should offer their services abroad. So many of the "foreign" maps are just a joke.

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